Pine Butterfly Farm Table

This farm table measures 5 feet long X 36 in wide....and features HANDCUT BUTTERFLY joinery on each joint of the 4 board top...Each "Butterfly" is solid WALNUT and is hand cut & fitted......This is not a little "inlay"...the Walnut Butterfly Joint is cut through the table and is fully visible from underneath.... I have finished this table in Minwax Puritan Pine to highlite the solid Walnut Joinery, but I will finish for you in just about any stain....

Note: Each and every table I make is custom made, "JUST FOR YOU"....
Each and every one is unique unto itself and will be unique to you...Minor changes in size and color can be made as well...



36" wide by 60 " long by 30" high

Extra Width per 1/2 foot

Extra Length per foot

Benches each





It takes me 4-5 weeks to build a table for you, and allow 1 week for shipping....




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