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The following emails were all sent 'unsolicited' from my clients.

Hi Bob,

Well, we could not be more thrilled with the table and chairs that you made for our new home. It arrived as expected, via Fed Ex and the precision and protection of your packing got it to us in 100% perfect condition. As we unpacked each piece, we continued to be impressed with the styrofoam, soft foam wrap and plywood all custom built to ship.

We brought all of the chairs in first, which are as comfortable and as nicely built as you had said. Thank you for your recommendation.

Finally we got to the table. I can't tell you how please we were when we unpacked it at the mass, beauty and finish of the top.

As our builder can attest to, I am very fussy and have high expectations. You not only met them, but exceeeded them. We have a unique home and this table and chairs adds to it. I cannot imagine a better look or fit. We look forward to years and years of use.

Feel free to have any potential customers contact us if they have any questions.

All the best and thank you.

Jeff and Monica Hxxxx
Elm Grove, WI


Hi Bob,

Our table arrived today - perfect timing for delivery.

The table is absolutely beautiful! It arrived in perfect condition and our older son assembled it for us (he's the handy guy in our family).
Imagine it will be the central gathering spot for our family and friends.

Many thanks for all you have done to create this "instant heirloom" for us!



Hi Bob,
We received the tables today and they are fantastic! Thank you so much. They arrived in impeccable condition and were easy to assemble. They're perfect for the room.

Thanks for working with me. Hopefully I'll bring you more business in the future.

Take care.

Hi Bob,
Hope you are doing well.  Our family is very much enjoying our new island.  It is just gorgeous!
I was not sure how busy you are.  I am interested in pricing out a few tables for my living room.
I could send you photos and perhaps you could price them out for me.
Pls let me know

First wanted to let you know that we are enjoying and always receive compliments on our dinning room table that we ordered from you. We could not be happier with our purchase which leads me to my question. I was looking for an odd sized table to fit in our rec/playroom.  My chairs are 24" high at the seat so I assume that I need a table close to 37 inches high (can't remember how you measure from the skirt or top of the table). The width 26 inches and length 63 inches.  My chairs are blond napolean style. I liked the distressed table top and the color scheme and style of the farm gathering table (natural top darker legs). I am also open for suggestions you may have that you like better with the napolean style chiar. I would love to get a quote from you. Hope business is well. Your new web site looks great!! (It's been about 3 years since I ordered my table). Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

I have been meaning to write -- The table is beautiful and we love it. We are trying to get our new house ready for
occupancy and our current house is overflowing, so, we just didn't have a good place to open the package up and
have a look -- Finally, we found a safe place at the new house and unwrapped it. We can't wait to use it. Thanks
again and good job on the packaging -- It was damaged on the outside but just fine on the interior.

Take care.

We can't possibly describe the joy we get, every time we walk into the room and see our new table set. We are shocked at how beautiful it is, and how well it fits into our house. The chairs are also the most comfortable wood chairs we have ever sat in. And the bench is, quite frankly, a work of art. These pieces are heirlooms, plain and simple.  We sincerly appreciate a man who takes his work to heart, as you so obviously do.  It only reaffirms to us why we bought a table from you, and not Pottery Barn

Hi Bob
The table arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  It is so beautiful - the color is great, it is everything I wanted.  As soon as the kitchen is
done, I will send you a picture of it in it's new home.  Thank you so much - it's truly a masterpiece!  I've given your website to our kitchen designer - she says she'll definitely pass it along.
Thanks again!

We received the table and absolutely love it!  You are an amazing craftsman.  We can tell you worked hard in making the table & bench as well as packing it up to ship it.
Thank you.


It is here! I helped the Fed Ex man carry it in and I set it all up before my husband got home from work I couldn't wait to see it. It was packaged so well and really took no time at all for this 56 year old lady to get the legs on and flip it over. It is absolutely beautiful even prettier than the pictures on your site. It is nice and steady not a wobble and I love the finish. I can not thank you enough. I appreciate all the prompt emails from you answering my one million questions. My husband Butch, our oldest son Kyle and I look forward to sitting around the table when our middle son Wes comes home from Iraq and our youngest son Tim comes home from his first year of pro baseball. Have a wonderful vacation!

Dear Bob,

Thank you for your talent and craftsmanship that is wonderfully presented in our new dining room table. It "fits". It's "beautiful". It's "what were were search&ing for for so long". AND it's heavy!!! :) I keep peeping in our dining room just to stare at it. Really. It's looks great in all different kinds of light! :) Honestly, your patience and kindness throughout the process of taking our table from an idea and turning it into something solid--that will be a vehicle for memories--, is gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.  With thanks and thoughts of happy dining,

Hi Bob,

Wow! Amazing! Simply beautiful!!!

My table arrived yesterday, and a friend helped me put it together last night. It is simply gorgeous and exactly what I have been envisioning but could not find locally for over a year. My mom found your website through a simple Google search and I am so glad she did. The woodwork is truly top quality and the craftsmanship is top notch. You are a very talented craftsman! Feel free to use me as a reference, I highly recommend you and your product.

Your packaging allowed the table to arrive in 100% perfect condition. Thank you for taking the extra time and for spending the extra money on the packaging.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Hi, Bob.

We have taken everything out and the table is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!  It is gorgeous and everything I wanted.  The color, size, everything……it's perfect!  :)

THANK YOU so much for creating such a beautiful piece.  It is truly going to be something we treasure each and every day.

I am so glad I found you and will definitely keep your email handy.  I may be interested in a few other pieces as we start to "settle" in our new home.

All the best and let me know if you ever need another reference.  I know you have quite a few, but I am pleased to say I am another happy customer.

Hi Bob, I apologize for not writing sooner - We absolutely, positively love our table!  Everything was packed beautifully, my husband noticed that you actually make your own boxes so that each piece of furniture would fit perfectly inside.  It arrived late on Tuesday night.  My first thought upon opening was that this would be the last table and chairs we'll ever buy.  Every piece is so solid!  Knowing it was coming, we had not prepared dinner yet so that we could eat using our new dining set.  The chairs are so comfy.  The color we fretted over is perfect.  It is the kind of furniture you search everywhere for and cannot find because it's not how things are made anymore.  I think each chair probably weighs 25 pounds.

You are a true craftsman!  Someday, my daughter will have this table and it will be passed on through the family.  Thank you very much for such beautiful attention to detail.

Customer Email Received June 27th, 2006 from a Superior High Court Judge

Hi Bob!
Just wanted you to know the table arrived just as promised on Friday without any problems. Our caretaker was there and unpacked it. We got there shortly thereafter and it is EXACTLY what I wanted! It is beautiful and it looks terrific with the Adirondack rustic theme we have in our camp. (Everyone calls them "camps" - which conjures up some other image than what our house is like!)

My mom came up with us, and we shared our first dinner at the table, and it worked perfectly for a couple rounds of dominoes! We are very very pleased.

So, the jury is in! Verdict for the Ole Craftsman!!!

Please feel free to use me as a reference. It is amazing how easy this all was, and how beautiful the table is.
Thank you so much for adding to our home.

Hi Bob,
I just wanted to say thank you again! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the table!! I can't wait to get it home and get it together, it's going to look great in our dining room! It is exactly what we wanted!
You did an outstanding job!!! Thank you!

we still can't believe how beautiful the unit is! Ashley is going to leave you a note this weekend as well thank you very very much, and we will be ordering several more pieces soon, so dont get to comfortable and retire on me. Thank you.

Hi Bob! We added the " wings " on either side of our table for the first time ever for our feasts -- had to share with you how wonderfully your creation aided us in our thanksgiving venture! We had 12 people sitting all comfortably and eating together - not like usually where everyone grabs food and then scurries somewhere to find a spot to sit and balance the plate on their knees...- we love this thing!!! :) Hope your thanksgiving was just as beautiful as ours. Greetings to you and your family

Hello Bob,

What a beautiful table! It arrived this am - after Fed Ex called me yesterday to let me know that they anticipated delivering it mid-morning ( they are so great).

The Fed Ex guy helped me carry it into the house and we opened it together to inspect. The tabletop with its natural marks/gradiations is beautiful and exactly the color we wanted. I will need to wait until my husband gets home to move it again and get the legs on.

Thank you for your impressive and beautiful work, as well as your attention to using Fed Ex and great packing. Please let me know if you go into any other endeavors creatively as I will probably be a repeat customer.

Warm regards,

Hi Bob, Received the table today, IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LOVE IT. The color is lovely, the top of the table so pretty! I am so pleased. Everything is fine, nothing damaged except the carton it came in. I noted it on the delivery receipt, there were several large (8 inch) tears in the cardboard, looked like a forklift set of tears. Upon opening and inspecting the table though, your styrofoam did the trick, kept the table from being damaged. Thank you for packing it so well. I have a really long driveway, around 800 feet, so the big truck could not get down my driveway. I had to go out and meet them with my volvo station wagon, we got it into the back of the wagon with some hanging out, and drove it down to my house. The fedex guy helped me get it into the house and unpack it. It is standing in my dining room and looks so lovely. I am so glad you talked me into an 8 foot table, although my hubby thinks 9 foot would have been fine, but not me. I have a barn red floor cloth painted onto my dining room floor, it looks really nice with the table legs. Hubby LOVES the table too, thinks it is beautiful! Whew, he is a tough nut to please when it comes to this stuff, so you done good! : )

Hello Bob, I absolutely love your table. It is so beautiful. I received the table yesterday, late afternoon , and put it together by myself. Your design is fabulous. The packaging was awesome. Even the Fed Ex man was extremely impressed with your packaging. Two of the boxes arrived with 3" punctures in them, but thanks to the quality packing the table survived without a scratch. I can't tell you enough how great your work is. You are certainly a perfectionist! I love the fact that it is signed and numbered---what a piece of art. The stain goes beautifully with our cottage. Everyone who has entered our cottage has commented on the beauty of the table. This is the table I had dreamed of, but thought I could never find. You certainly have a talent. I am an artist myself and always can appreciate the time and energy put into a piece. I can tell you love what you do. I am very thankful for finding you on the web. This table is 100% nicer than the table I purchased through a designer for our home down state. I hope to replace it someday with one of your tables. This is one SOLID piece of furniture to last forever. This will be in the family for generations! Thanks for working with me. I have exactly what I wanted!



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