Restoration Farm Table in White

This table measure 38" wide X 6 feet long, and is finished in a dovetail white "Rub-Thru" finish under structure and my own hazelnut stained top...

Features include 5 inch thick hand-turned legs and a scalloped skirt....One of the nicest harvest tables available anywhere, at any price!

It is shown with optional "company boards", breadboard ends and a solid maple (no veneer) top.
Please note that what appears to be a drawer, is really a false cover to hide the entrance holes for the company boards when they are not in use.

Note: Each and every table I make is custom made, "JUST FOR YOU"....
Each and every one is unique unto itself and will be unique to you...Minor changes in size and color can be made as well...




38" wide X 72 " long X 30" high

Set of 2 - 22" End Extensions

Extra Length per foot

Extra width per 1/2 foot







It takes me 4-5 weeks to build a table for you, and allow 1 week for shipping....




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